VA Loans, How They Work & Who Qualifies!
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Published on May 26, 2022
VA Loans, How They Work & Who Qualifies! - CMS Mortgage Solutions

VA Loans, How They Work & Who Qualifies!

What is a VA loan?

Verify my mortgage eligibility (Jun 16th, 2024)

A VA loan is one way veterans can get mortgages guaranteed by their own government and issued from private lenders such as banks credit unions mortgage company . This type doesn't require adjustable rates which makes them more appealing than other types since they tend not only provide stability throughout times when interest rates change (which always happens), but also offer low closing costs so buyers aren't stuck paying thousands extra fees upfront.

If you’ve served our country and need a mortgage, then the VA loan might be right for your needs! Here’s what to know about this great option.

The GI Bill of Rights created the VA home loan program in 1944 to help veterans get a footing after World War II. However, only qualified U.S military personnel are eligible for this government backed mortgage that comes with many soldier benefits including reduced interest rates and bonuses upon graduation from service!

Verify my mortgage eligibility (Jun 16th, 2024)

How does a VA loan work?
The government promises to pay lenders some portion of a veteran’s loan if he or she doesn't make payments. This guarantee reduces the risk for them, which means that they can offer favorable terms and require no down payment as long as there is adequate documentation from military service.

If you’re eligible, the VA mortgage application process can be completed through a lender of your choice. Many but not all lenders offer this type or loan and some specialize in serving veterans’ needs specifically with their military service background!

VA loan eligibility
You are likely eligible for a VA mortgage if:

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1) You’re a military member or veteran who has met the necessary time-of-service qualifications.

2) If your spouse died while on active duty or from a service-connected disability and you have not remarried before the age of 57. Or you are the spouse of a prisoner of war, missing in action.

3) You meet the lender's requirements for credit and income. The VA doesn’t set a minimum score, but they can consider your debt levels when evaluating whether or not you’re able take on this mortgage responsibility at all.

Verify my mortgage eligibility (Jun 16th, 2024)

4) The property you’re looking to purchase with the loan will be your primary residence, while meeting safety standards and building codes.

What is the VA loan limit?
The maximum amount you can borrow without having to make a down payment is called the “VA loan limit.” In 2020, this was eliminated for current members of our military and veterans who have accessed their full entitlement through VA loans. However they still apply limits if someone has already taken out a VA loan or has defaulted on a VA loan.

Types of VA loans
The VA loan program offers a variety of options, including purchase and refinance mortgages as well as rehab or renovation loans. Here are a few options:

Verify my mortgage eligibility (Jun 16th, 2024)
  • VA purchase mortgage: Makes it easier for qualified service members to buy a home with no minimum down payment.
  • VA cash-out refinance: Restores VA or conventional mortgage with a VA loan and provides the choice to turn home equity into cash.
  • VA streamline refinance: Replaces an ongoing VA mortgage with a loan, decreasing interest rates or allowing refinance from an adjustable to a fixed rate.
  • VA rehab and renovation loan: Allows cost of home improvements to be financed.
    Native American Direct Loan (NADL): Allows eligible Native American Veterans to utilize federal trust land to buy, build, improve, or refinance a home.

VA loan benefits
Here are the biggest advantages of VA loans:

No down payment or mortgage insurance required: The biggest advantage to choosing a VA loan over an FHA or Conventional Loan is that you don’t need any down payment. This means there’s no risk for the borrower in case their credit score falls short, as it would only be necessary if they were financing part of its cost themselves with another source such as personal savings accounts etcetera.

Competitive interest rates: The biggest advantage of a VA loan is that it offers more affordable rates than other types. Not only does this make the customer's life easier, but they also get to enjoy their home purchase in greater peace since there’s no worry about paying off such high-interest debts at regular intervals through mortgage payments.

Verify my mortgage eligibility (Jun 16th, 2024)

Limited closing costs: Closing costs can vary greatly depending on the loan you choose, but they’re often limited to 1% of your purchase price. This is done by law so that veterans don’t get charged more than their fair share in fees when getting mortgages through government channels like Department Of Veterans Affairs.

Disadvantages of VA loans
There are a few drawbacks to the VA loan that you should be aware of before taking one out.

VA loan funding fee: The funding fee is an extra cost that comes with the VA mortgage. It covers what’s needed in case of default, like getting rid of your house quickly if you don’t pay up! The range varies depending on how much down payment someone has made and whether they’re taking out their first loan or not; but either way it’ll most likely be around 1-3%. You can choose to put this money upfront when applying for credit instead though so no need worry about pesky fees screwing with your finances later down the road.

Verify my mortgage eligibility (Jun 16th, 2024)

Primary Residence Only: You can’t use a VA loan to buy an investment property or a vacation home, it must be used to purchase your primary residence.

How many times can you use a VA loan?
Getting a VA loan isn't a one-and-done service. After using a VA mortgage to purchase a home, you can obtain another VA loan if if you meet these requirements:
1) You sell the house and finish paying off the VA loan.
2) You sell the house, and a qualified veteran buyer agrees to overtake the VA loan from you.
3) You repay the VA loan in full and keep the house. For only one additional time, you can get another loan to purchase another home as your primary residence.

How to apply for a VA loan
There are three steps to applying for a VA loan: Obtain your certificate of eligibility, find the lender that fits your needs, and finding the perfect home to be your primary residence.


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