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Home Buying Checklists: Free Downloadable's

Tip: Keep these stored in a folder that you can use to hold things related to homebuying.

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These checklists can help guide you through your homebuying journey. They're designed to be printed out to help you know what questions to ask, take notes, and keep track of important milestones while looking at homes and applying for a mortgage?.

Disclaimer: These checklists are for educational purposes only. Be sure to communicate with your lender? for specifics on the mortgage? loan process and with your real estate agent for specifics on home shopping and home inspections.

What’s the Timeline Between Prequalifying and Getting Your Home Loan Funds?

Whether it’s your first or fifth time, purchasing a home is an exciting experience. But, it can also be a stressful one. There are many tasks to complete and milestones to meet between prequalifying for a mortgage and receiving your funds.  Understanding the requirements can help make the process seem a little less daunting. Here’s […]

Top Reasons to Purchase a Bigger Home in 2021

Do you routinely find yourself short of privacy in your current home? Can’t seem to walk from one room to another without knocking something over, or running into someone? Perhaps it’s time to consider a move into a bigger home. It’s probably something that you’ve always wanted anyway, but never pursued because the various factors […]