I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. My Dad was a lawyer and mom was a schoolteacher. I came to US in 2004 after marring my sailor, love of my life. I earned my Bachelor's in Finance from Delhi University and instantly grew a passion for finances. As luck would have it, my first volunteer work was with Navy and Marine Corps society, helping Sailors and their families with their finances, credit fixing, Daily budgets, home buying, car buying and family addition budgets. I was honored with the Presidential Award for being a AmeriCorps Navigator and Budget counselor.

In 2005, I moved on to the corporate world starting as a teller with Bank of America, Sr. Personal Banker with Wells Fargo and Branch Manager at Chartway Credit Union with over 18 years of experience in corporate finance and residential mortgage. During all these years of helping sailors and my clients with finances I realized that the basic foundation of financial security is building a good credit. I immediately through myself into learning more about personal finances and have since dedicated myself to that cause. I love fulling people's dreams of owning their homes, investing, and building wealth through real estate.

Having married to a sailor for over 19 years, I had the privilege of travelling to 35 countries, living in 4, and immersing myself in various cultures. This opportunity expanded my horizons of international cuisines, art and various forms of dancing. I love to dance and have formally learned Tahitian, Hula, Salsa, Belly and Bollywood.

I am proud to be a military spouse and even prouder to be a mother of two teenagers!!!

Hobbies: Dancing, cooking and hosting. I teach dance, voluntarily, to raise money for the less blessed around the world. My initiative is called "Fitness for Cause". We are a group of 23 ladies who sweat their tails off, literally and raise money for the poor.

Favorite food: All kinds of food but nothing can beat PIZZA!!!

Favorite Quote: Life is a one-time offer, LIVE it well!