Kristen Genovese began her mortgage career in 2012 as a junior processor and assistant to owner, Corrina Carter. She quickly learned the back end process to processing all loans and the mortgage industry itself. She has focused her career on studying the "ins and outs" of the compliance side of the mortgage industry. Newly licensed in 2015, her philosophy is solely based on excellent service with a personal touch. This enables her to give her clients the best in service, current industry rules/regulations and trends. It is in her best interest to help those accomplish the dream of home ownership. Although the process can be tedious at times, Kristen ensures that her borrowers know all information upfront and remain informed throughout the entire process.

Kristen along with CMS thrives on providing current mortgage knowledge and loan products that will benefit every client. As a whole, CMS will willingly work on each loan application that other lenders would turn down. Kristen ensures that she will provide enough information for every borrower to make an intelligent decision regarding their home financing.

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