My passion to help people truly understand the mortgage process led to me becoming a licensed
mortgage originator. Whether this is for a starter home, a retirement dream home, or investment
in a rental property to provide a family with an income, I am driven to help people understand all
of their financing options.

It is my joy and privilege to work out the best way to go about reaching my clients' goals. My underwriting career gave me a solid foundation of knowledge
regarding evaluation of credit profiles & analyzing risk, calculating income, evaluating assets,
insurance policies, preliminary title commitments and much more.

This experience sparked a desire to explore the mortgage industry deeper than my underwriter position and eventually led
to a leadership role. This role enabled me to experience and resolve a vast array of unique
situations, as all escalations and issues went through me.

The knowledge and understanding gained when diving into the guidelines and communicating
with investors sets me apart in my ability to help ensure an overall smooth mortgage process.

I am confident in my ability to not only qualify a client but to walk WITH them throughout the
entire mortgage process, answering any questions that may arise and/or providing my expertise