I'm a wife, a mother, and a mortgage broker. I'm blessed with a career that has
allowed me to be present for my children as they have grown and they have
become more active in both academics and athletics. There aren't many careers
out there that allow one to manage their time, take care of their families and still
strive for success. I am beyond thankful every day for each and every opportunity
to continue on this amazing path.

I'm a native of the great State of Arizona. Born and raised in beautiful
southeastern Cochise County, in the quaint town of Douglas. Graduated from
Douglas High School, married my high school sweetheart, attended Cochise
College and graduated from Pima College, while simultaneously climbing the
ladder in my career in corporate America. After many years in the banking
industry with positions ranging from bank branch to International Private
Banking to Mortgage Rep…. it became evident that as a new mother, I had to
choose my family or my career.

During our first home purchase, I (like many first
timers do), went to our bank and began the process of applying for a loan. Only to
learn that the better option was to investigate the "broker" side of the mortgage
process. Luckily, that connection opened the door for me to enter the mortgage
broker arena, and the rest as they say, is history!

I take care of my clients just like I take care of my family. By being there every
step of the way and making sure that all questions are answered, and goals are
met. I am also fluent (reading, writing and speaking) in the Spanish language.

As a broker, I am not limited to just one rate sheet to service our clients. We have
access to a multitude of rate sheets to help find the right product to meet the
client's needs and accomplish the goal of home ownership. Every transaction is
different, and I am glad that I have the tools available to help each client instead
of trying to fit everyone in the same box.

One of the best things that sets me apart from other mortgage lenders, is that I
can come to you! For years I've used this as a tool to set me apart from the
competition, and it has worked. Especially in this day and age, where information
is within the reach of your fingertips, I am always available and you ALWAYS
speak to me… you will always work with me, from start to finish and beyond. I am
glad to say that my book of business is comprised of many repeat clients and
most importantly, many referrals from the amazing network of clients that I have
been blessed with over the last eighteen years.

Now that you've read a little about me, I look forward to learning more about you
and how I can help YOU attain your goals!!

Call me, Let's Chat,