What style of home do you want according to your favorite “Harry’s House” song?
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Published on June 28, 2022
Home Style According to Your Favorite "Harry's House" Song - CMS Mortgage Solutions

What style of home do you want according to your favorite “Harry’s House” song?

As we all know Harry Styles released his chart-topping album “Harry’s House” on May 20, 2022, and it has quickly taken over social media trends and pop culture. Each song encapsulates unique meanings, lessons, and aesthetics, just like different home design styles. The importance of home aesthetics cannot be overstated. A well-decorated home can provide a sense of peace and harmony, while a home that is poorly decorated can feel cluttered and chaotic. It is essential to find the right balance so that your home feels like a place of refuge and relaxation. We are here to show you your ideal home aesthetic based on your favorite song from “Harry’s House”!

‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’: eclectic

Eclectic Home Style Harry's House
“Music for a Sushi Restaurant” emulates an eclectic aesthetic. The eclectic home design incorporates numerous design elements such as modern, vintage, and bohemian while focusing on bright colors and crazy patterns. Mastering the eclectic home design requires loads of textures, coherent motifs, and loud personalities. While this decor style is loud and crazy, it is meant to be cohesive and one of a kind.

‘Late Night Talking’: Art Moderne

Art Moderne Home Style Harry's House
If your favorite song is “Late Night Talking”, then an Art Moderne home design is perfect for you. Art Moderne combines minimalism with modern aspects. Simplicities are key in this design style, it focuses on solid colors while incorporating one to two minimalistic patterns to tie everything together. This style also utilizes black, white, and neutral colors in strategic ways to synthesize everything.

‘Grape juice’: Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency Home Style Harry's House
“Grape juice” mirrors the Hollywood Regency design aesthetic. The Hollywood Regency style is all about boldness, glamour, and royalty. Different textures, strong accent colors, fringe, ornate glass, and velvet details. This decor emphasizes entertainment and interaction and fosters an environment where guests are encouraged to look and communicate with each other.

‘As It Was’: Memphis

Memphis Home Style Harry's House
As the most popular song on the album, “As It Was” mimics a Memphis decor style. Memphis design is all about colorful, abstract, and atypical design elements. It combines art deco and pop art components to create one bold, bright, and funky space.

‘Daylight’: Bohemian

Bohemian Home Style Harry's House
With its soft beat, “Daylight” perfectly matches the bohemian home decor style. Bohemian designs focus on nature, intricate patterns, and a select few colors. With lots of greenery, fringe, and warmth this design style is perfect for relaxation and rest.

‘Little Freak’: Contemporary

Contemporary Home Style Harry's House
“Little Freak” perfectly echos the contemporary style. With sleekness, simplicity, dark tones, and neutral accents the contemporary style reinforces a minimalist approach to home decor. This home design style eliminates patterns, fringe, and eclectic colors to foster a clean and decluttered environment.

‘Matilda’: Cottage

Cottage Home Style Harry's House
A cottage-style home describes “Matilda” to a tee, especially in coastal areas. They usually feature a simple, rustic look with many natural materials like wood and stone. Cottage-style homes are often cozy and intimate, making them a popular choice for families.

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‘Cinema’: Art Deco

Art Deco Home Style Harry's House
Art deco is the perfect style for “Cinema” lovers. This style is all about sleek lines and geometric shapes, which can give your home a sophisticated look. Neutral color palettes, metal accents, geometric shapes, luxurious fabrics, and glamorous light fixtures are what make this design style emulate “Cinema”.

‘Daydreaming’: Beach House

Beach House Home Style Harry's House
This home design style combines coastal with dreamy to create a space that fosters relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation, making its anthem “Daydreaming”. A pop of color, wood accents, and an abundance of white tie this space together.

‘Keep Driving’: Scandinavian

Scandinavian Home Style Harry's House
The Scandinavian home design perfectly represents “Keep Driving”. The key is a light and airy space with a minimalist aesthetic. Mainly incorporating neutral colors and metal accents this aesthetic is all the rage right now. Cool tones, lack of texture, and no patterns create a space that encourages relaxation.

‘Satellite’: French Country

French Country Home Style Harry's House
French country home design is all about creating a cozy and comfortable space that feels like a true home, making it mirror “Satellite”. To achieve this look, you’ll need to focus on earthy colors, natural materials, and rustic accents.

‘Boyfriends’: Minimalist

Minimalist Home Style Harry's House
This design style is all about negative space, neutral colors, clean spaces, and a soft atmosphere. “boyfriends” is one of the slower songs on Harry’s House, making it the perfect match for minimalistic home decor.

‘Love of My Life’: Colonial

Colonial Home Style Harry's House
“Love of My Life” is parallel to the Colonial design style. With natural components like wood, stone, and concrete this space is very industrial with a touch of comfort and regency. This style emulates casual elegance and vintage flair.
While each song is unique, they all make beautiful home decor styles with distinctive elements. We are moving away from boring and entering the era of comfort, individualism, and quirkiness.
Which design style did you get?

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