Easy Maintenance Indoor Plants for Homeowners
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Published on August 2, 2022
Easy Maintenance Indoor Plants for Homeowners - CMS Mortgage Solutions

Easy Maintenance Indoor Plants for Homeowners

There are many ways to make your new home feel like an inviting and friendly place. One of the most common ways people do this is by adding greenery in some form or another – whether it be plants on a balcony, flower pots inside homes/offices etcetera! But finding out which type will work best for you can seem daunting at times since there’s so much varying information available online about plants. We have complied a list of the best easy maintenance indoor plants for homeowners!

Resourceful plants

Aloe Plants
What’s not to love about Aloe plants? These tough little succulents need very little care and they give back so much in return. They’re perfect for a new home, as their tenacity means that you don’t have too many worries when it comes time take them outside or bring him/her indoors during winter months! The liquid inside these guys can be used on burns, cuts and scrapes.
Citrus Trees
House plants that are typically thought of as indoor trees, such as the orange and lemon family members (or Cretans), can be great house guests. To keep these little guys under control though you’ll want to look for a dwarf variety- they like lots if moisture but need regular misting too! They also love bright sunlight so give them plenty space in your home’s windowsill or sticking out onto an east facing balcony where there's morning sun all day long.


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Plants that are Pleasing to the eye

Spider Plants
Spider plants are a great way to add some life and color into your home. These hardy, leafy greens can grow in almost any environment- they just need the right temperature (50 degrees Fahrenheit or more) with good light levels for their liking! It’s best, though- as with all houseplants -to prune them often so you’ll end up with more plant life for the same space! These hardy types also do well when given some warmer areas of their homes since this helps improve humidity levels around especially during dry times.
Snake Plants
Snake plants are known as “alert” or "watch" types and get their name from their appearance. They can grow anywhere between 6 inches to 8 feet tall, but they usually stand straight up with no branches in the way of light. Keep them close by because they require little attention beyond regular watering – just make sure you know how much sun exposure each one receives before adding them to your self, windowsill, or wherever feels right!

Plants for small spaces

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Bonsai Trees
The care and upkeep of a bonsai tree can be challenging, but these little gems are great for anyone who wants to experience the challenge. They need up-to 10 hours worth sunlight per day (unless they're in an artificial environment like fluorescent or LED lights), as well as humidity levels that simulate natural conditions with frequent daily misting recommended; if you plan on using water instead then make sure there’s enough room under your plant so it doesn’t sit directly onto absorbents such decks/platforms because this could lead them getting moldy faster than expected!
Sweetheart Plant
The blooms of this plant look just like a heart. The slow-growing, low maintenance grass is perfect for those who don’t have time to maintain a difficult plant! While most varieties will reach heights between 3 – 5 feet tall with incredible flowers that last up until frost (depending on the climate), some can grow as much as 8 inches per day if given plenty sunlight and water accordingly– making them great in pots around your home too!
Indoor Herb Plants
Herbs are the latest interior design trend. They come in all shapes and sizes, providing an interesting variety to any room they’re placed within – not just what’s on your plate! Herbed walls can be attached directly into their designated spots or mounted conveniently near windows for easy access when you need them most; no more running out every time there is some sunshine forecasted (although we know that sometimes life gets hectic). Most herbs require little care other than being watered occasionally–just make sure never let them dry-out by watering too infrequently because this will lead towards dieback problems.
We all know the warmth and comfort that only greenery can provide. Whether you’re looking for a plant to decorate your space or one that will give food in this cold weather, there is something out there perfect just waiting!

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