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4 Ways to Buy a Home With No Down Payment

Almost everyone dreams of buying a home some day. The biggest hurdle, as you may probably have guessed, is financing. A home is a big financial commitment, and represents the largest transaction we’ll make in our lives. As a result, saving for a home is one of the biggest priorities for people. Given that financing […]

5 Reasons to Tap Into Your Home Equity

Resources: Reasons To Use Home Equity Reasons To Borrow Your Home Equity homeequityloan.asp Home Equity Loans What is Home Equity? In business speak, equity refers to an individual’s share or interest in an entity. The same applies when applied to home ownership, specifically mortgages. The way mortgages work, you make a down payment on a […]

9 Things Veterans Don’t Know About VA Loans

Seeking a loan for any purpose is a long and gruelling process. This is especially true for home loans. The government recognizes people’s need for easy access to credit for such purposes. For this reason, many federal and state-level institutions have programs that assist in securing a loan. The FHA loan is a common example […]

A Brief Guide to FHA Loans

Resources: fhaloan.asp FHA Loan What Is An FHA Loan Guide To FHA Loans Buying a home can be an emotional rollercoaster. The mere prospect of having your very own property fills you up with excitement and joy. At the same time, very few people have the kind of money needed to buy a home, just […]

Common First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

Resources: Avoid These First Time Homebuyer Mistakes First Time Home Buyer Mistakes 5 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes To Avoid Common First Time Homebuyer Mistakes For many people, buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. As such, they become overjoyed at just the thought of purchasing their very own home. If you’re on the journey to […]