The Best 2022 Remodeling Trends! Take advantage of your 203K Loan
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Published on June 30, 2022
The Best 2022 Remodeling Trends! Take Advantage of you 203K Loan - CMS Mortgage Solutions

The Best 2022 Remodeling Trends! Take advantage of your 203K Loan

Your home is a reflection of you and your needs, so why not make it look good? It doesn’t have to be all about making changes in order for homeowners’ lives feel better. A remodeling project can help you live more comfortably by addressing functional shortcomings or restoring lost appeal with today’s trendy styles. Home remodeling is a big investment, but it can also be a great way to add value to your home. Stay up to date on the latest trends in home remodeling so you can make the best decisions for your home.

High Tech Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a great way to add extra seating and countertop space while also being able to modify the design. The best part is that they’re not just for kitchens anymore – designers have been upgrading them with installed appliances or heated surface options! Some extra additives include:
  • A Prep Sink
  • Pot Filler
  • Built-in paper towel storage
  • Built-in cutting board surfaces
  • Pull out drawer microwave

Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

The large window banks are one of the most popular kitchen remodeling trends for this year. People want to bring nature inside, and what better way than with windows? Though they may be pricey up front (and can take a while), you know that bright natural light will never go out of style!

Marble Bathrooms

Marble has been used for centuries to showcase elegance, but using it in modern trends will keep you up with the times. The marble can be found throughout a bathroom remodeling project from countertops and shower surrounds all-the-way down to tiles within bathrooms themselves – this ties into larger design ideas about luxurious spas or day treatments at home. It's generally light-colored so that helps tie together different aspects of your space without being too overwhelming on its own accord either way!

Green Tile

The color of the year is green. Green has always been a popular hue, but it’s recently experienced an increased popularity in home decorating – almost every paint company chose shades or greens to represent their brand this past season! This means there are more opportunities for you as well if your kitchen needs some extra cozy feel without going too far out-of-the ordinary by adding some tile decorations like backsplash or tile accents.

Freestanding Tubs

The return of the freestanding bathtub has been one popular trend in home design. These large, glamorous-looking fixtures take up more floor space than traditional tub/shower combos but can be ideal for those who never use their bathroom or have smaller bathrooms that don’t require both options available to them at all times – especially if you’re planning on adding an oversized shower sometime down the line!

Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper continues to be a popular choice for home decor in 2022. Bold, colorful prints are gaining mainstream exposure and becoming increasingly common among homeowners who want an impactful design on their walls without having anything traditional or boring looking. The styles trending right now include nature motifs such as leaves & flowers; modern patterns made from bolder colors than before, and even texture-like surfaces.

Outdoor Living Rooms

When you think of the perfect backyard getaway, what comes to mind? Is it a beautiful day sofa by your poolside or maybe an outdoor TV where children can play games while parents catch up on work. The trend these days is all about creating spaces that bring together both indoor and outdoor living in one immaculate space- which has been achieved through innovative design ideas like sofas built right into landscaping features!

Plunge Pools

With the recent growth of plunge pools, more people than ever are able to enjoy their own private swimming pool. For those who don’t have enough space or money for an indoor-type setup but still want a cool way of cooling off during these hot summer months – this could be just what you need!

Smart Home Systems

While technology advances, so do our homes. Small and large renovations can include smart thermostats or lights that are controlled by voice command while we’re away from home- even many appliances have become automated in recent years!

Thoughtful Storage

It is important to have well-designated spaces for each category of things in order not only to keep your house clean but also organized. Consider adding thoughtful storage anywhere you need more room; like pull-out drawers under the sink cabinet containing spices and cutting boards while there’s an outlet inside so hair dryers or curling irons can fit too!

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The Bottom Line

If you're considering renovating your home, you may be wondering how you can afford to do so. One option is to use a 203k loan. A 203k loan is a type of home renovation loan that allows you to borrow money for both the purchase of a home and the cost of renovating it. This can be a great way to get the renovations that you want without breaking the bank.
There are a few things to keep in mind when applying for a 203k loan. First, make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements. Second, make sure that you have a realistic idea of how much the renovations will cost. And finally, make sure that you have a good credit score. If you meet all of these requirements, a 203k loan may be the perfect solution for you!
So if you're looking to renovate your home, be sure to consider using a 203k loan. It can be a great way to get the renovations that you want without overspending.

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