4 Things Homebuyers Should Know Before Making an Offer
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CMS Mortgage Solutions Inc.
Published on December 14, 2021
Buying a home

4 Things Homebuyers Should Know Before Making an Offer

The house-hunting process is exciting, and once you’ve found the perfect one, you may be tempted to make an offer and close the deal without delay. However, there aren’t as many homes available on the market to purchase. With real estate property value skyrocketing and increased buyer demands, a multi-offer scenario has become more common.

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You need to consider multiple factors before making your offer on a property that could save you considerable money, time, and effort.

Here’s how to get the best possible deal.

Do Thorough Research

Before delving into the purchasing process, you must do your research on the property’s history with the help of a real estate agent who will likely uncover the information you otherwise would remain unaware of. You must know how long has it been since the property entered the market. Make sure whether it’s a “new” listing or has been on the market for a few years.

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The history will help you determine any reductions made and if the property underwent a contract and returned to the market.

Look Around the House

Once you find a house, look at similar properties in the area to compare the prices. Check the covered area and cost averages according to that size. Inspect the house to identify underlying damages in the property’s structure and the expected repair costs. Consider hiring reliable home inspectors to detect mold in walls and ceilings, pests, broken plumbing, frayed electrical wiring, and more.

Know Your Budget

Understanding your budget and affordability is essential. So, connect with a lender for an early loan pre-approval in the home buying process. This demonstrates that you’re a serious, potential buyer.

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Make a Strong Offer

In a competitive housing market where emotions and prices can be intense, hire an agent as a trusted advisor to make a solid but reasonable offer according to the market, demand, and recent sales. Moreover, be prepared to make changes in your offer to agree on flexible moving dates or minimal contingencies.

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