I love helping families with home loans. I love helping young adults like myself buy their first home. I love helping single moms, like my own mother, purchase something that holds value and can accrue equity. Knowing that a loan I have structured meets someone’s financial plan and needs brings me joy… because I have personally experienced what can happen to a family when finances are not in balance.
Underwriters, they’re the individuals who make credit decisions for mortgage companies. After you apply for your home loan and your loan officer send all of your information into his or her operations staff Underwriter’s are the individuals who say “yes” or “no.” For years I worked that job, as an Underwriter. That enabled me to learn different mortgage programs that my industry offers… and not just the crash course version but the actually insides and outs of the mortgage sphere. I learned how these loans work, and how to structure them, and that gives me a competitive edge in this industry. I have the experience to review your finances and find a loan option that works for you… OR, help position you to work towards qualifying for a loan. CMS Mortgage Solutions, Inc. is a Broker Shop. We offer the same great service as the Big Mortgage Companies boast about, but we also partner you with a lender at the beginning of the process. We don’t just help you find the right program, we help you find the right lender… that’s how we offer such great rates and pricing. Over the years I’ve met and worked along side some of the best and most talented minds in the mortgage industry. Some of those folks now work on my team, and they help me deliver the best service in my area. With my experience, my team, and some of the best technology in the industry, this is how we turn your vision of purchasing into a reality.
I am a Loan Originator, I write mortgage loans. If you’re in the market for a Home, and need to secure financing and a Pre-Approval… it would be my privilege to earn your business. Call me and let’s talk about what my team at CMS Mortgage Solutions can do to serve you!

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